1. I had a nice experience overall.

    I had a nice experience overall. Profilehelper was both, professional and helpful, and shared information that will help me become more proficient when using any dating service in the future.…Read More

    — Kathy
  2. I strongly recommend Profilehelper’s services.

    I have recently subscribed to profile helper’s services and I have already benefited from both his insightful advice and his fresh articulate profile writing skills. I strongly recommend Profilehelper’s services. It is a bargain for the peace of mind and first impression you will gain.…Read More

    — Michael
  3. My advisor made me feel comfortable right away.

    The consultation with Profilehelper was much easier than I would have expected. My advisor made me feel comfortable right away, and using the information he learned via his well thought questions is now able to create a professional and appealing profile for me. I would recommend him to anyone needing a professional to help with their profile.…Read More

    — Bobby
  4. Profilehelper was absolutely great to talk to.

    Profilehelper was absolutely great to talk to. I feel that they gave me very constructive pointers about my profile and Match.com. I will definitely call again if I need help and will recommend them to my friends!…Read More

    — Cecil
  5. Profilehelper is phenomenal!

    Profilehelper is phenomenal! They gave me excellent feedback about what I had written and included tips on how to improve my profile so that it would be more attractive and work for me. The conversation with Profilehelper was friendly, professional, and encouraging. Thank you, Profilehelper. I’m excited about my new profile and the assistance you gave me in preparing it.…Read More

    — Randy
  6. They were honest with feedback.

    Profilehelper was helpful, friendly and professional, and I highly recommend them to others. They were honest with feedback and quick to discern how my profile could be revised to attract responses. Their knowledge about what works in profiles assured me that with their help, I will have a great profile.…Read More

    — Sammi
  7. Profilehelper was helpful.

    Profilehelper was helpful. I do not have much experience with knowing what to include in a personal add. My consultant was able to give suggestions based on his experience that I thought made a big difference in how my profile is viewed by others.…Read More

    — Kristin
  8. It was a very enjoyable and helpful experience.

    Found Profilehelper to be very helpful, very friendly, professional and generous. They were prompt in calling me back and gave great feedback about my profile. It was a very enjoyable and helpful experience and I would highly recommend calling if you want some help! Thanks Profilehelper!…Read More

    — Jim
  9. Profilehelper was extremely helpful.

    Profilehelper was extremely helpful. My advisor broke the ice and made talking with him a very comfortable experience. He also has a very unique strategy regarding online dating that is so obvious, everyone overlooks it. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to know how to avoid the land mines of online dating.…Read More

    — Michelle
  10. They know which questions to ask.

    They know which questions to ask and how to make the process fun. I thought Profilehelper was great to work with, really knows their stuff and how to apply it.…Read More

    — Danny