1. I Have More Confidence that I Will Find Someone

    Eric, Just wanted to write you a note to express how thankful I am that I found you. I’ve spent quite a lot of time with multiple different apps over the years and with the way I was doing it, I didn’t realize how much time I was actually wasting. You wasted no time in doing what you could to help me. You’re immensely intelligent and have a huge heart those who have come to you and do all yo…Read More

    Nate R.
  2. Thank you so much for helping with my profile

    Thank you so much for helping with my profile and encouraging me to have good photographs. I had professional photos taken. I have met someone on line who is a great match. Not bad for a client in their 60's. I will be making additional referrals for your services.…Read More

    — Felice
  3. Worth far more than the $199 you charged

    Eric, My 6-7 weeks experience of online dating has been very positive! I've received numerous messages commenting how great my profile is, how I sound like a real person, and that my pictures are beautiful. I have met 5 men in person, and following your wonderful advice, we do something interactive. It's been a great way to break the ice and get a feel for the other person. I have received so many…Read More

    — Katherine
  4. I am getting better responses

    I just wanted you to know I am getting better responses from what you wrote. It seemed to get rid of some of the unwanted emails I was getting from women that I have no connection with. I don't know what the major difference on what I was writing, but it came access better. Awesome job sir.…Read More

    — Nathaniel
  5. My phones been blowing up.

    Eric... holy s*** dude. Well done. My phones been blowing up. Actually have a date lined up for tomorrow. If you have yelp or a google you're getting a hell of a review from me.…Read More

    — Kristofer
  6. You were so generous with your time and your wisdom

    Good Morning Eric, This is a short note of thanks to express my sincere appreciation. You were so generous with your time and your wisdom. It has already made such a difference to my outlook. I feel as though a weight has been lifted. I'm now at ease and prepared to play the long game.…Read More

    — David
  7. I know that my profile will represent me as I am.

    Profilehelper has done a great job so far and very easy to talk to. I know that my profile will represent me as I am instead of who I thought I was. I have already started to see results and with Profilehelper’s help I know I’ll be successful in my search. If you don’t use them then you’ll be making a mistake.…Read More

    — Huang
  8. They were extremely polite, helpful and friendly.

    Profilehelper does an outstanding job! They were extremely polite, helpful and friendly. My consultant’s candor tempered with a delightful humor that perpetuates and quickly introduces a sense of comfort. He had a tremendously contagious upbeat personality which complements his honesty during what could be potentially awkward due to the nature of the topic being discussed. Quickly! I saw the num…Read More

    — Paige
  9. I feel more confident now.

    I want to thank Profilehelper for the friendly and professional manner with which they conducted their analysis of my original profile. He was very helpful in guiding me through some editing while demonstrating a deep knowledge of human nature in helping me formulate my thoughts and an excellent writing ability in transferring them into words. I feel more confident now, to proceed with my Internet…Read More

    — Charlotte
  10. They gave me very invaluable dating help

    Profilehelper is invaluable. They really know what they’re doing. They were able to give me very specific and critical advice that I know will totally enhance my profile. My advisor was also able to clarify a lot of areas I needed to be aware of from a man’s point of view.…Read More

    — John