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Stages of Dating Explained (So You Don’t Go Crazy Questioning Your Feelings)

If you’ve recently met someone and you haven’t been able to stop thinking about them, don’t worry! That’s normal.

And if you’re maybe further along since the first meeting, and you’re beginning to feel as if you’ve fallen even further head over heels for them, never fear! That’s normal too.

In every romance, a couple goes through various stages of dating. In this article, we’ll break those down for you into a few broad phases so you don’t go crazy questioning your feelings!

The Initial Meeting

This is different for everyone. For some, it’s love at first sight. Though cheesy, there’s certainly been countless instances of someone meeting someone else and just immediately sensing a rightness to the pairing.

But for most of us, this initial meeting isn’t such an immediate, intense smorgasbord of feelings. Instead, it serves as a base point for your interest to be piqued. You sense the underlying attraction that you feel, and you’re officially interested. 

In the modern online dating landscape, your initial introduction is on the person’s profile online. This makes putting your best foot forward with a professionally written profile even more important.

The Curiosity

When your interest is piqued, something else happens: your curiosity grows. And now is when you start really thinking about this special guy or gal. You want to know everything about them.

What was their childhood like? What makes them tick? What do they want to do in the future? What’s their personality? What are their values? And, most importantly — are they looking to date right now?

It’s normal to feel varying levels of this curiosity when you meet anyone, but when it’s a potential love interest this curiosity is taken to the next level. The only way to satisfy this curiosity is by getting to know each other. This is when you officially start dating.

The Infatuation

Once you begin dating, you soon fall into the initial period of infatuation. During this honeymoon phase (experienced also by newlyweds in the duration immediately after their wedding), you simply can’t get enough of this person.

You want to be around them all the time, be physical with them, talk to them, and just generally are infatuated with them. 

The Comfortableness

Last but not least, once the infatuation subsides, something else settles in that you didn’t even realize had grown: love. The honeymoon phase doesn’t last for longer than a few months, but it doesn’t need to.

If you two are right for each other, then love is the natural result. With a declaration of love comes a certain comfortableness to the relationship. You’re no longer worried about what the other thinks of you — you know they love you and you know you love them. There’s a comfortableness to knowing that you’re part of a two-person team that’s ready to take on the world, together. Read more about romance.

All the Stages of Dating, Explained

There you have it — all the stages of dating and a new relationship. Good luck with your new boo!

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