Online Dating Fact #4:

Going the extra mile leaves a lasting impression.

First impressions are everything. From the pictures you choose to display on your profile to the biography you write about yourself, everything you put online matters. If you’re feeling discouraged or stuck with online dating, then you could benefit from our online dating advice. Our premium online dating profile creation service will provide you with the best online dating profile for your chosen website, and we’ll also provide you with in-depth coaching that can help you make the most of your online experience.

You’ll start with a one-hour consultation with one of our online dating coaches. At ProfileHelper, we know that experience matters, and we only hire dating coaches who have been exactly where you are right now.

You and your dating coach will explore who you are, what you’re looking for, and your past dating history. You can expect to spend about half of the consultation discussing the dating the site you’re using. You’ll receive tips and other helpful resources that can help you optimize your dating strategy for the results you’re looking for. Expect to cover:

  • How to choose the right dating site for your goals and personality. Your online dating coach will help you choose a site that gives you the highest chance of success
  • What you should and shouldn’t write in an online dating profile
  • The most efficient and effective way to search for a compatible match
  • How to contact a match in a way that provides you with the best chance of receiving a response

Not sure which dating site is right for you? Your coach will help you pick the one that gives you your best chance for success.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Place your order by filling out our short form
  • Your personal dating coach will reach out to you via phone or email the same business day to set up a time for your consultation
  • Your profile will be formatted to fit the dating site of your choice


Every deluxe online dating profile creation package also comes with a complimentary review of up to 15 of your dating profile photos with suggestions and tips for improvement. If you send the photos before your scheduled time, your coach will provide you with feedback during the consultation. If you need more time to prepare your photos, the review can be performed via email.

You will also receive more in-depth advice on how to increase your chances of getting email responses with the purchase of our premium profile creation service. Thousands of people around the United States have found lasting and meaningful relationships using our online dating services — don’t wait another day to set yourself up for success!

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