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Online Dating Tips For Women: Should You Date Short Men?

The average height that most women look for in a partner is 5’10”. Unfortunately, a good number of great guys don’t quite measure up when it comes to being tall enough. Over the years, I’ve seen this countless times. In fact, I have had two different male ProfileHelper clients complain to me about in just the last week. Both men were good looking, had great personalities, and earned enough that it made me think I might be in the wrong line of work. How is it possible that just a couple of inches (in height) could be holding them back from finding true love?

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I’ve spoken to several of my female clients about this and the reasons that they have given me range taller men making them feel more secure to “I want to be able to wear heels.” Well, the good news is that short men don’t care if you wear heels. The bad news is that you have to find your sense of security inside and stop looking for it in others. If that sounds harsh, it’s because this is a wake-up call. More often than not, these women who tell me they won’t date a man under 5’10″, are struggling just as hard as the short guys to find a relationship.

Now, I’ll admit, there is a certain segment of short men that aren’t the guys I’m talking about. These are the guys who are so self-conscious about their height that it becomes an issue. These are the same types of guys who can’t handle it if you have attractive male friends or earn more than them. They aren’t worth your time, no matter how tall they are. The point is, that 95% of guys who happen to be under 5’10” aren’t jerks. They are normal people, just like you and me.

I’m writing this today just as much for the short guys who are struggling as I am for the women of all sizes who complain to me about not being able to find a good guy. I’m not saying that you should force yourself to go out with guys who are below a certain height if the idea turns your stomach. Just consider why you’ve created that as a barrier to dating. Then, maybe consider expanding your search perimeters on Match or Zoosk by a couple of inches.

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*Note: if you are a short guy and you are reading this, here are a couple extra online dating profile tips just for you:

Don’t lie!

This should be a basic one, but a lot of guys add a couple of inches out of frustration and fear that they’ll be passed over. Here’s the thing. Women know how tall they are. That means they’ll know how tall you actually are when you meet. You can try to make excuses and say that you had to get her to give you a chance, but now you’ve got two problems. Not only are you shorter than she was expecting, but she can’t trust anything you tell her.

Don’t get defensive:

A little self-deprecation is OK, but if you make poking fun of yourself the focus of your profile, it’s going to sound like you are just over-compensating because of insecurity. This isn’t just about height either. It applies to all aspects of your life.

Be the bigger guy and don’t sweat the small minds:

In the end, there will also be some women who won’t give you the time of day because you are an inch or two below what they say they are looking for. Any rejection stings, but think about it this way. If she won’t date you because you are 5’9″ instead of 5’10″, is it really that big a loss?

Whether you are short, tall, skinny, BBW, or anything in-between, you still need a great profile if you are going to stick out head and shoulders above the crowd. Give me a call at 888-447-7634 or send me a message HERE and we can set up some time to talk about what’s going wrong in your online dating life and how we can make it better!

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