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Online Dating Tips – 2 Lies That Keep You From Finding Love

One of the worst things you can do in online dating is to lie or misrepresent yourself in any way. While most online daters are honest, it amazes me that I still get the occasional question about whether it is OK to fudge your age by a few years or your height by a couple of inches.

Yes, some people might not be searching for someone your age. That’s OK, you should be searching for people on dating sites, not just hoping the right man or woman will find you. If you find someone you think is a good match for you, but they’re looking for someone a little younger than you, don’t fret. After all, I just celebrated my first anniversary with my girlfriend, who was looking for someone no older than three years younger than me when we met online.

Here’s a basic rule of thumb. If you like someone’s online dating profile, but you are worried that you are older than what they say they are looking for, you should still email them if you are within three years of their desired age limit.

EXAMPLE #1 of Online Dating Lies

If you are 45 years old and they are looking for someone between 35 and 43, you are in the clear and should consider contacting them.

 2 online dating lies That Keep You From Finding Love

EXAMPLE #2 of Online Dating Lies

If you are 57 years old and your prospective date is looking for someone between the ages of 45 and 52, you should move on to one of the other millions of people who might be a better match for you.

When it comes to your height, lying is just pointless. Your date knows how tall they are. If they are 5′ 8″ and they are asking for someone at least 5′ 10″, they are going to notice you aren’t that tall when they can see the top of your head.

My point is this: as trite as it may sound, honesty is the best policy. Even if you do manage to get away with whatever fact that you’ve fudged in your dating profile, the truth will eventually come out. When it does, it just makes the person you worked so hard to find question everything that you’ve ever told them.

There are literally millions of great singles online right now, just like you. You don’t have to bend the truth to make the right one want to meet you.

If you want to get started with online dating, but need a little (or a lot) of help, I’m here for you. Whether you want to give your current online dating profile a makeover for the new year or you need an online dating coach to teach you all the secrets to finding love through the internet, now is the best time of the year to get started.

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