Online Dating Advice – 4 Secrets To Know Before You Join A Dating Site

Someone just called up our toll-free hotline (888-447-7634) because they were thinking about trying online dating for the first time and they were curious if there was anything they should know before getting started. This isn’t the first, tenth, or even hundredth time that I’ve been asked this question, so I wanted to break it down into 4 secrets you should know before you join a dating site.

1. Be Patient

Online dating is a great way to meet people, but it isn’t an instant cure for being single. It can take time to meet the right people, so be patient. I met my wife on a dating site, but she wasn’t the first person I met online, and I didn’t meet her instantaneously. I had several great relationships with women I met on dating sites and apps. Some of those relationships lasted for more than a year, some lasted only a few weeks. Most of them were great relationships and some… well, they were learning experiences. Don’t jump on to any dating site and expect that you will instantly connect with the love of your life. If that’s the attitude you bring in to online dating, you are probably going to suffer from emotional burnout before you find the person you want to meet.

2. Be Proactive

You have a better chance of finding the person you want than being found by the person you want. If you sit on your butt and wait to be found, you automatically cut your chances of success in half. Think of it this way, who knows your wants and desires better than you? If you wait to be found, you are left with having to choose the best of what finds you, not the best of what is out there.

3. Join The Right Dating Site For Your Relationship Goals

Different dating sites serve different goals. Make sure that you join one that has the type of people you want to meet. Apps like Tinder and Bumble are perfect for finding a date or something a little more casual. Dating sites like are good for people looking for something a little more steady, all the way up to marriage. Meanwhile, you should only join eHarmony if you are marriage-minded. There are also several, smaller niche sites that serve almost every interest from religion to Disney and even video game fans. These sites are always worth checking out, but you might find that they don’t offer as many local matches as you’d like.

First Impressions Matter

Make sure you’ve got good photos and a solid profile. No matter how much you like someone, if you don’t make a good first impression, you won’t get a chance to make a second impression. If you are having trouble with your profile, I can help. I started writing profiles back in 2004 for and I’ve helped over 13,000 people since launching ProfileHelper in 2005. Our clients have gone on to find better dates, long-term relationships, and many have found the love of their life. If you’ve got a question about your profile, just give me a call at 888-447-7634 or check out our online dating profile writing services and get a better online dating profile today!

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