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This Glitch Could Be Keeping You from Finding the Love of Your Life

Navigating dating sites can be a huge pain in the butt. Most dating sites want you to focus on the matches that they recommend to you based on their algorithm, but the algorithm is a lie. The way you can tell that no dating site has ever come up with a fantastic matching algorithm is that there’s more than one dating site in the world. So, first, you have to get to the search, and then you have to know how to set it up so that it can find you the people with whom you have the most potential of compatibility. What a lot of people don’t realize is that sometimes glitches in the way the search was designed can eliminate a ton of excellent romantic potentials from your results.

The Language Glitch

This glitch is a warning for people who are using the Match website. The problem has been fixed on the app by eliminating the category altogether. I’m talking about the language criteria that you can use as part of the search tool on the Match website. Essentially, you can specify that people must speak specific languages. At least, that’s what any person would logically assume. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what this search feature does.

Instead of just making sure that you only see the dating profiles of singles who speak the same language as you, it eliminates the profiles of anyone who speaks more than one language. For example. If you are looking for English-speaking singles on, and you specify that you want to see the dating profiles of people who speak English, you eliminate the chance that you will see anyone who speaks English + any additional language.

This isn’t a small problem, either. Look at this search that I just ran. The only difference between the two searches is that one has English as a requirement, and one does not.

Search 1:

In this search, you can see that English has been set as one of the criteria. In the end, this search yielded 124 potential matches.

match language glitch 1

Search 2:

The only change that has been made between this search and the one above it is that it no longer specifies English. Every profile here will be in English, but it no longer eliminates people who speak more than one language. The difference is massive.  By just taking off the language requirement, the search results jumped by 392. You end up with nearly triple the potential matches at 516 profiles!

match language glitch 2

How to Avoid the Language Glitch

The good news is that this is a really simple glitch to avoid. If you are using the app, you don’t even have to worry about it. However, if you are using the search tool on Match’s website, just make sure that you have the language option in the search tool set to “Any.” It should look like this:

match language glitch 3


There are a lot of factors that can mean the difference between success and failure with online dating. Along with needing a great dating profile and pics, and a strategy that helps you connect with people, you need to know about little stuff glitches that can get in your way without you even knowing about it. If you have any questions about problems you have been having with online dating, or you just want to make sure you get off on the right start, give me a call at 888-447-7634 or send me a message HERE.

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