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Google Just Made Spotting Online Dating Scammers Much Easier!

One of the most common questions I get from online daters is about how to tell if they are talking to a real person or a scammer. Well, Google has just made a simple addition to their browser that could make detecting online dating scammers much easier.

Until a couple of weeks ago, if you wanted to perform a reverse image search on someone’s photos, you had to download the photo, save the photo’s URL, and then enter the information into Google Images or Tineye. With their latest update, the Google browser now includes checking a photo on Google Images on the fly. Check out this profile on POF and see if she’s an online dating scammer.

Step 1: Right-click on their image and select “Search Image With Google.”

Google Just Made Spotting Online Dating Scammers Much Easier!

Step 2: Locate the Google Image menu on the right-hand side of the screen. It will show you the photo you selected and ads on where you can buy the clothing featured in the pic. It will also feature a button at the top of the menu that says “Find Image Source.”

Google Just Made Spotting Online Dating Scammers Much Easier!

Step 3: Click on the Find Image Source button. Google will then show you where else the photo appears on the internet. This photo comes up with over ten very shady-looking links that all feature the same photo. You can bet money that this profile belongs to an online dating scammer.

Google Just Made Spotting Online Dating Scammers Much Easier!

What does it mean if the search comes up with zero results?

It is a positive sign if the photo you are checking doesn’t show up with many results online. It is a good indicator that the person you are talking to isn’t using a commonly stolen photo. However, this does not guarantee they are not online dating scammers. There is always a chance that they could use photos from a site or app not indexed by search engines. One big example is when scammers steal profile pics from people who are on Match doesn’t index any of their profiles on search engines to protect the privacy of their members.

How can I be sure that I’m talking to someone real?

Ultimately, the only way to be completely sure you are talking to someone real is to meet them in person as soon as possible. If meeting them in the real world isn’t something you can do quickly, then video chatting is your next best option. Having a real-time moving image of the person you are talking to will help you make sure that they are who they say they are.  If an online dating scammer has victimized you, and you need some help to meet amazing people online without putting yourself at risk again, call me at 888-447-7634 ext 1. We can discuss what happened and develop the perfect game plan to help ensure you find love, not online dating scammers.  If you need help writing your dating profile, choosing the best photos, and developing a winning online dating strategy, check out our services HERE.

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